D & A Electronic Neon Light Limited is set up at 1982, the nature of the business is manufacturing customer's design neon sign, neon display, neon novelty products, standard neon window sign, out-door building neon light, neon light components, LED products and fancy neon products.

We have our own built factory in mainland China with working space for 40,000 sq. ft. employs more than 100 workers. Our main markets are European countries, U.S.A., Canada, South Asian countries and Middle East.

The main materials we used such as coated neon glass, coloured neon glass, electrodes, mercury, rare gases, pumping equipments, burners and testers are all imported either from U.S.A. or Europe.

In addition, we have enough such materials stored in our warehouse which can be made immediately upon receipt orders from customers.

In the past 20 years, we have been produced over 200patterns of brand names neon signs especially for those beer sign, soft drink sign and cigarette sign.

Tel: 852-28970188 Mobile: 852-60921389 E-Mail: dnaneon@gmail.com
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