Halogen Lamp Bulbs
Can be used where former halogen lamp can be used.
Colour: white, yellow, blue, green & red.
Available for both AC 120V-240V DC12V & 24V
LED Quantity: 24pcs
Material: Glass bulb & plastic base E27, E14
Colour: Warm white 3500K (other white available)
Voltage: AC220V
Wattage: 1.5W
LED angle: 120X
LED Tubes
Led tubes in 60/90/120cm and different watts (from 6W V 20W), super bright, high quantity, free maintance, easy installation, not need for ballast, generally used.
Colour available: 3500K, 4500K, 6500K, can be make according to customer requirement.
Low power consumption, high intensity.
AC input 110V-240V
LED Lamp Tubes
LED Lighting
LED Mould
Can be applied for channel letters, backlight, decoration etc.
Low power consumption, long life, attractive price.
Different size & colour can chose.

LED Stripe
Flexible can be changed into any shape, waterproof, hit resistant, may size & colour are aviable.

Colorful Brick
Sourced in high power LED. and Using in street, square, garden stage and etc, and also use in advertisement wall board and design of light sight.
Rope Lamp
LED Rope Lamp can use SUPER LIGHT LED execute plasticity line decorating lamps, replace mini-size bulb lamp plastic rainbow new lamps, not only plastic rainbow tube excellence and special excellence.
Color : LED Rope Lamp shooting line straitness wave, thus color pure bright.
Tube Lamp (Outer Control)
With R,G,B is basically, dispose different controller to achieve full color skipping changing gradual chasing from top to bottom.
Tube Lamp (Linear Type)
Under the master controller and the intelligent chip inside assistant, can achieve chasing, glimmering and running effect.
Point Lamp
Light Source Control System is consist of the software, master controller, slavery controller, light source and power supplier. It can be suitable using in lots of occasions to display of rule, irregular flash or characters.
Occasion used in large-scale stage background,curtain wall of ground. design corresponding picture or characters, achieve the view and light, set off the environmental atmosphere and purpose of advertising by contrast.


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